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Advertising Player Software

DB Star XM Advertising Player

Download xmplayer.zip

DB Star XM Software Manual

Download DBA-9.0 asynchronous.pdf

DB Star Software Setup Guide

Download how to set up Dbstar X media player software.pdf

Team Viewer

Remote access software to control computer

Download TeamViewer_Setup_en.exe

P6 Taxi top Ad Player Software

Download ap64software20point.rar

P6 Taxi top Ad Player Software Manual

Download AP64 HD network ads player usermanual-1.pdf

LedEditor Software

Download LedEditor_v9.rar

LedEditor Software Manual

Download LedEditor_English.rar


Download ledset2.0.rar

LEDSET2.0 Manual

Download LedSet2.0software_manual_english.pdf

Taxi Top LED Sign Unpack and Setup

Download Billboard Taxi Media Unpack & Setup.pdf

Quick Start Guide LED Control System

Download 20100818Quick Start Guide of LED display control system(newledset).pdf

LED Editor 3G Setup

Download 3Gcommunication_solutions_english.pdf

Huawei E960 Wireless Modem Manual

Download huawei-e960-hsdpa-user-guide.pdf


Download xixun_sdk_v1.4_English.rar

How to build your own server

Download How to build own server.pdf