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Starting an advertising business for your taxi fleet

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Even though you may already be making a good income from your taxi fleet, why not supplement this income with even more income with an advertising business that complements your existing business with minimal upfront investment compared to the expected future profits. Starting an advertising business for your fleet is easy using our established products that enable a turnkey business with a high profit margin. First you place an order for digital full color double-sided taxi tops that are digital and have high resolution, P5 pixels, 40,000 pixels per square meter. We will give you full documentation and easy setup instructions for your IT professional and installer for getting started with a kit that includes the taxi top signs, controller CPU card, 3G wireless modem, wireless router, advertising player, power inverter to connect to battery, and software. You provide your own SIM card for each modem and router from the telephone company. When you are ready to get started all you have to do is find clients who wish to advertise on your taxi tops. Also, you can act as a distributor and help other taxi fleets and still profit handsomely. The average revenue is about $350 per month per two sides and you can rotate ads every ten seconds, so that the total revenue per top is $2,100.00 per month. We wish you every success in your new business enterprise and look forward to supplying your taxi tops billboard needs.